What it takes to become an airline pilot?

“Ambition is the enthusiasm with a purpose – Frank Tyger.” What does it take to become a pilot? Let’s start with the most basic thing, a dream. Sitting in a cockpit and steering a sophisticated airline is a dream of millions. And achieving this dream isn’t too hard either. You must remember, this career demands discipline, perseverance, dedication, sincerity, and… Read more →

An overview of aviation training in India

The sky is not the limit for those who make bold career decisions. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an airline pilot? While millions of people only dream, the journey from a fresher to a commercial pilot isn’t easy. One has to undergo the test of physical, emotional, and intellectual acumen. Only with sheer dedication… Read more →


Hercules Aviation Training School (HATS) brings to you the first-ever Integrated ATPL program for Indian Students with assured Job. Interact with the founder of the school Capt. Abhinav Singh and get to know more about our Integrated and modular courses for pilot licenses. Read more →

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