A candidate must complete his flying training from one of the DGCA approved flying clubs before applying for a Commercial Pilot License.

There are presently 31 such flying training organisations (FTOs) which have valid DGCA approval to undertake training flying.

The flying training requirement set by DGCA towards Commercial Pilot License is as follows.

  • Total Flying                           - 200 Hours
  • Instrument Flying               -   40 Hours
  • Pilot-in-Command (PIC)      - 100 Hours
    • Cross Country (PIC)          - 50 Hours
    • Night Flying (PIC)              - 05 Hours

After completion of Ground Classes at HATS, the student will undergo flying training at one of these FTOs.

We continuously monitor the performance of these flying clubs based on their maintenance practices, quality of training, availability of instructors and aircraft and the timeframe for completion of syllabus, and suggest the best possible option based on your requirement and budget.

Flying training could be a costly affair. It could also prove difficult to decide on the flying club. However, with our available experts and meticulous watch on the qualitative trends of aviation training in the country, we can assure a hassle-free conducive environment for learning. At present, students associated with HATS can aim to complete their entire flying training and ground training towards CPL in less than twelve months and within a fee of INR twenty-four lacs ( Rs 24,00,000/-).

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