A Cadet Pilot Program commonly known as CPP assures job at the very beginning of training. HATS (India) and AEROCADET (USA)  have worked out one of the most affordable cadet pilot programs specially designed for Indian candidates with help of its enrollment partner ROOTOSKY.

This program will also be the first of its kind to provide not only a Commercial Pilot License(CPL) but also an Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL)*.



The students will be shortlisted after a two-stage selection process. Interested candidates can enroll at the following link here to register for the entrance exam.

FPAP-IND Entrance Exam Registration


Stage I - Online Exam

The first stage will include an online test and will be designed to carry out a psychometric, cognitive and aptitude assessment. No separate preparation is needed for the exam. You will receive instructions over email within 48 hours of your enrollment for the entrance examination.

Stage II - Interview

If you successfully complete stage I of the entrance examination, you will be interviewed either via Video call or at one of our centers at Mumbai, Hyderabad and Delhi.


  • Stage 1 Enrollment (1 week) India
  • Stage 2 DGCA Ground School (3 month) India
  • Stage 3 CPL and CFI Training (18 months) Canada
  • Stage 4 Instructor Internship (12 months) Canada
  • Stage 5 CAA Airline Pilot License Exams (1 week) Canada
  • Stage 6A First Officer Internship (12 months) Canada or
  • Stage 6B Ferry Pilot Internship (12 months) HK
  • Stage 7 DGCA License Conversion (3 weeks) India (Optional)
  • Stage 8 Permanent Airline Placement (unlimited) World

The total duration of the flight training and the initial flight instructor internship is approximately 3.5 years.

All stages of flight training are conducted in Canada to a very high standard by an accredited flight academy. After the completion of the flight training phase, all students will be offered an opportunity to apply for the internship phase in order to work as flight instructors, which, in turn, will give them an opportunity to build additional flight time.

After pilots achieve 1000-1500 hours of total flight time, students will be able to obtain their CAA (ICAO-Canada) ATPL and apply for either airline pilot or ferry pilot internships. At the last stage, graduates will be provided permanent airline employment placement assistance service by our company with such airlines as Air India, IndiGo, Fly Dubai, Emirates, Qatar, Cathay Pacific, Air Asia, Lion Air, Singapore Airlines, Air China, Chinese Airlines, Air Hong Kong, Malaysian Airlines, Jet Star, Tiger Air and many more.

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Most of the cadet pilot programs in India are priced between INR 90 lac to INR 1.2 Cr.

However, we have been able to bring down the entire cost of training to INR 46.5 lac (excluding DGCA license conversion flying training)* and INR 49.5 lac (including DGCA license conversion flying training)*

* Fee structure is subjected to change if the student exceeds the training hours or due operational requirements.

* Click here to download the sample agreement.