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We are excited and proud to announce the first and only Integrated ATPL program in India. Ground Classes starting March 2022. Flying Slots Now Available ..!!

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ATPL - ZERO - An Integrated ATPL course at ZERO fees

HATS (India) is a pioneer in introducing the Integrated ATPL Cadet Pilot Program in India. We now go a step further and provide an option to the students to not only get their Airline Transport Pilot License but also do so at zero fees.

The option will be offered to selected candidates based on merit and performance at the entrance test for the Integrated ATPL Program. The candidates who are selected will be trained to achieve a Commercial Pilot License and on further training be employed with HATS. On completing their flying tenure which would last for approximately 03 years, the entire training fees will be refunded to them.

Key Features

• One and only program in India to offer Integrated ATPL.
• Commercial Pilot License with single-engine & multi-engine Instrument Rating.
• Experience Glass Cockpit Flying on Garmin 1000.
• Flight Instructor rating.
• 2000 hrs of flying in a duration of 3 years.
• Opportunity to enroll for a graduation course (BBA/ B.Com/ B.Sc)
• Opportunity to earn during the internship.
• Scholarships up to Rupees three lac fifty thousand.


• Age – At least 16 years at the time of enrollment or by the commencement of the program.
• Higher Secondary school certificate (10+2) with physics and mathematics or equivalent diploma.
• Candidates should either be enrolled with HATS for DGCA ground classes or should have passed all the CPL theory examinations conducted by DGCA including RTR(A).

License & Privileges

• Commercial Pilot License.
• Airline Transport Pilot License.
• Flight Instructor Rating.
• Instrument Rating, single-engine & multi-engine

Program Structure


Stages Duration
1 Enrollment Process 1 week
2 DGCA Ground School 3 months
3 CPL and CFI Training 12-18 months
4 ATPL Exams 1 week
5 Flight Instructor Internship Upto 3000 flying hrs



1A. The enrollment process begins by registering for the Online Entrance Test designed to carry out a psychometric, cognitive, and aptitude assessment. No separate preparation is required for the exam. Candidates will receive instructions over email within 48 hours of enrolling for the entrance examination.

1B. Once candidates successfully qualify for stage 1A, they will be interviewed either via Video call or at one of our centers at Mumbai, Hyderabad, or Delhi.

1C. After the interview recommended candidates will be required to complete the enrollment application and provide necessary documents for initial consideration. Once all the requirements are satisfactorily met, the candidate will be provided with the training Agreement for acceptance and allocated a date, to begin with, ground classes, or flight training.


Candidates are required to appear and clear DGCA theoretical CPL exams before proceeding for flight training. Upon clearing DGCA examinations, candidates need to apply for a Student Pilot License. The same classes will suffice for appearing for DGCA ATPL exams as well. However, additional assistance will be provided to enrolled candidates after completion of CPL flying training while they are undergoing the flight instructor Internship


3A. Students will progress from zero experience level to Commercial Pilot licenses with Single Engine (SE-IR) and Multi-Engine (ME-IR) Instrument Rating endorsements. The flying training requirement set by DGCA towards Commercial Pilot License is as follows.

• Total Flying – 200 Hours
• Instrument Flying – 40 Hours
• Pilot-in-Command (PIC) – 100 Hours
o Cross Country (PIC) – 50 Hours
o Night Flying (PIC) – 05 Hours

All stages of flight training are conducted maintaining the same high standards exclusive to HATS.

3B. Assistant Flight Instructor training will follow immediately after the issuance of Commercial Pilot License from DGCA. The training will include 20 hrs of petter flying training and 120 hrs of theory classes spread over two months.

The candidates will be required to clear the flying tests and AFIR(Assistant Flight Instructor Rating) interview as per the DGCA guidelines.


After receiving the Assistant Flight Instructor Rating from DGCA the candidates will continue to work as Assistant Flight Instructor at Hercules Aviation Training School under the Flight Instructor Internship Program.

The candidates who complete 3000 hrs of flying with HATS will be refunded the entire deposit towards their flying training.

The flying training provided in the program vs the requirement set by DGCA towards Commercial Pilot License is as follows.


DGCA Requirement* Integrated ATPL Program *
Total Flying 1500 Hrs 2000 Hrs
Pilot-in-Command 500 Hrs 1750 Hrs
Cross Country 1000 Hrs 1250 Hrs
Night Flying 100 Hrs 250 Hrs
Instrument Flying 100 Hrs 250 Hrs


As soon as the candidates are issued with an AFIR they must strive to clear the ATPL theory examinations and Interview. The candidates will be provided a 02-week ground training before attempting the ATPL examinations. As the exams are valid for five years, the candidates will have sufficient time at hand to attain the requisite flying hours towards ATPL.


HATS will provide accommodation to enrolled students for the period of completing the training. The cost of accommodation will vary depending upon single occupancy or double sharing.

Fee Structure

• Registration – ₹ 15,000 (Rupees fifteen thousand)
• 225 Hrs of Flight Training towards CPL and AFI rating – ₹ 47,50,000 (Rupees fourty seven lac fifty thousand )
• 500 Hrs of Ground Classes – ₹ 1,80,000 (Rupees one lac eighty thousand)
• Accommodation & Transportation – ₹ 10,500 to ₹ 15,000 (Depending on type of accommodation. Refer HATS Accommodation for more information)
• Scholarships up to ₹ 3,50,000/- (Rupees three lac fifty thousand)

The fee structure is subjected to change if the student exceeds the training hours or the flying training duration exceeds 18 months from the date of commencement of training.

Payment Schedule

Students are not required to pay for the entire flight training program in advance. However, they need to adhere to the pre-structured payment schedule:

• First Installment – ₹ 18,50,000/- (Within 30 days of registration).
• Second Installment – ₹ 14,50,000/- (Within 60 days of commencement of the course or before completion of 75 hours of flying training, whichever is earlier).
• Final Installment – ₹ 14,50,000/- (Before completion of 125 Hours of Flying Training). The final installment could be reduced by ₹3,50,000/- for students who have been awarded the HATS scholarship.

Refund of Training Fees

The amount of training fees will be refunded in 03 stages.

• Completion of 1000 Hrs – ₹ 10,00,000/- (Rupees ten lac)
• Completion of 2000 Hrs – ₹ 15,00,000/- (Rupees fifteen lac)
• Completion of 3000 Hrs – ₹ 22,50,000/- (Rupees twenty two lac fifty thousand)


• DGCA Computer Number
• Medical Examination
• Accommodation
• License Conversion
• Loan Support